Information for Webmasters and Mail Administrators


WARNING: The following content contains "geek speak".

If you are a Webmaster or mail administrator, SafeCRM provides all of the information necessary for us to maintain a healthy relationship. We fully disclose the names and IP addresses of our mail delivery servers, and ensure that proper SPF and reverse DNS records provide accurate and current information. We hope that disclosing such information will make you more comfortable with the idea of white-listing our servers. We both need to keep in mind that large organizations use our delivery platform, and nobody wants to miss an important order receipt, expiration notice, overdraft alert, or reservation confirmation due to unnecessary SPAM filtering.

SMTP Message Headers

All e-mails delivered using the SafeCRM platform are sent from the domain. Simply white-listing this domain should be all you need to guarantee receipt of our messages. Additional SMTP headers are included to conform to proper SMTP "On Behalf Of" etiquette, which will cause some mail clients to display additional "On Behalf Of" or similar "Sent By" information. There is also an additional SMTP header called "X-SAFECRM-ID" that contains a unique value that will be used in future enhancements of the service, such as online message authentication.

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E-Mail Message Composition

SafeCRM was built from the ground-up to support multiple languages. As a result, all e-mail messages, regardless of the actual language used, use UTF-8 and BASE-64 encoding for the subject and message content. This ensures that SafeCRM properly delivers, and mail clients properly display, content in almost any language or mix of languages.